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The 2016 Republican National Convention formally nominated Donald Trump as the party's nominee.

The main feeling of the convention was the sense of fear. The fear of Islamists, of uncertainty, of the general crisis of economy. And America is already on the threshold of it.

Fear is the strongest of senses. The most experienced politicians often manipulate the masses by using their fears.

Donald Trump didn't have to invent anything. Fears have united around Trump all of those who worked against him yesterday: old and new party leaders, governors, even NeverTrump activists were lost against the background of Trump supports.

The fear of impending Third World War. The fear of illegal migration and Islamic terrorists. The fear of the growth of national debt. The fear of crime increase. Medical care becomes more expensive. An economic incertitude grows. Entire cities and districts are criminalized. Terrors attacks are constantly committed. Drugs sales and consumption are growing. Racial conflicts erupt. But after all Wall Street moneymakers continue to prosper.

From the point of view of Republicans, Hillary Clinton personifies everything that led to all these disasters. And they are certainly right that Hillary Clinton will continue the path that led America to such a state. Many Americans feel the USA came to the point. And if the movement in the same direction will be continued, the catastrophe is imminent.

I think that Donald Trump will win the election in United States. And it will be not because of leaks from Clinton's staff, not because of her criminal cases. He will win because citizens of the USA are ready to vote for Trump.

I held more than a dozen of elections. Four times I was chosen in Verchovna Rada. I chose Yanukovich and I was elected for the post of President of Ukraine. I chose city mayors, deputies and parties. I worked with various political advisers from Russia and the U.S., with members of Paul Manafort's team who currently leads Trump campaign.

It is well known that people choose the candidate that best corresponds their expectations.

There is a certain list of psychotypes. Candidates are customized under this list. During the devastation "a strong business executive" is in demand. During the lawlessness- it is "a defender". When the situation seems to be hopeless, "a wonder-worker" is called.

Normal Americans consider the current situation in the country complex. People expectations are disturbing. Challenges facing USA seem insurmountable. The average American believes that the current policy will lead to a disaster.

We are very surprised that citizens of the most powerful country in the world are full of fears. It is only a miracle that can save America from catastrophe. And only "the wonder-worker", brand-name Donald Trump can work this miracle.

Thus I believe that Trump is likely to win the election in the U.S. At the same time it is not obvious at all that Russia will benefit or that the civil war in Ukraine will be stopped. Trump means unpredictability and changes in the USA policy. I want to believe that it will benefit us.

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